Cable installation

Big industrial cable reel under blue sky
Cable installation

Cable installation

  • Cable fittings on all power cables up to 36 KV
  • Installation of communication-cable fittings
  • Connecting-socket installation
  • Transition-sleeve installation
  • Joint-sleeve installation
  • Repair-socket installation
  • End-closure installation
  • Laying buried cables 
    • Conventional
    • Plow and milling technique


Cable testing

  • According to DIN VDE 0276 / 620 (CENELEC HD 620)
  • Rated voltage up to 36 kV eff. 
    • Testing of medium-voltage cables with extruded insulation (VPE, PE, and EPR insulation)
    • Testing of cables with impregnated paper insulation
    • Testing of cable jackets by means of direct voltage
  • Test method according to low-load VLF method (very low frequency)
  • Flexible use in your company or production facilities
  • Competent, experienced technical staff

When can we start?

  • Testing after new installation
  • Testing and repairs
  • Emergency repair services around the clock

This will save you...

  • Money
    • Flexible use of our portable measurement equipment
    • Eliminates expensive leasing of monitoring cars
    • We coordinate directly with your project manager, e.g., for commissioning
  • Follow-up costs
    • Eliminates long production downtime during disruptions, because we offer round-the-clock emergency services