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SCC Certification – Safety Certificate Contractors (SCC)

Our company certification was issued in September 2008. Our employees working in operations are trained according to SCC – Rules and Standards – Document 017 – and have been certified.

German industrial operations have an increasing need for contractors for technical services. Contractors are companies that provide specified technical work and services for a purchaser. Service or work contracts form the basis of the work and services to be performed.

As a Safety Certificate Contractor, our company can thus have a significant effect on the safety standard – and thus also on the quality standard – of the purchaser.

Excerpts from the basics of certification:

  • Duties and services of employers’ liability insurance association 
  • Ability to prevent accidents
  • Fire and explosion hazards
  • Dangers of electric current
  • Welding hazards
  • Working in confined spaces and containers; permits
  • Safe tools and machines
  • Lifting and moving loads
  • Personal protective equipment
  • First aid personnel management and instruction
  • Safe elevated and low-lying work sites and transport routes

Practice has shown that increasing employee safety awareness reduces the accident rate and thus reduces the financial burden on businesses. The downtime of machines and systems can also be reduced and legal security can be increased significantly.

For more information on this topic, please contact Mr. Harald Esser. You can find any contact information on Contact and Our Team.